Thread: Try this quiz (just made it with C)

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    Try this quiz (just made it with C)

    Just made a Quiz Program with win32API. I am learning to use winAPI and not just mfc. There are 150 quesions in 10 categories roughly based on the standard clauses:

    Lexical Elements
    Conversions and Representations
    Bitwise Operators & Binary
    Compiler and Linker

    Here is the link to a page i just put up. The quizzes are similar in form to the quiz on this site.

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    It appears to be pretty good, but it would be a lot better to test something other than vocabulary words... You know, ask how to declare a pointer to an int or what it does, not the specific terminology of each part of the declaration. I know how to use pointers - I don't know the names of things.

    Also, it would be nice to have it tell you if you were right/wrong when you click next.

    Edit: Good, though. I didn't find any bugs.
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