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    Parse error help please

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define MAX 25
    int read_array(double ar[], int limit);
    void show_array(const double ar[], int n);
    double mean(const double ar[], int n);
    int main(void)
      double data[MAX];
      int size;
      double average;
      size = read_array(data, MAX);
      if (size == 0)
           printf("No data. Bye.\n");
           printf("The following numbers were entered:\n\n");
           show_array(data, size);
           printf("\nThe average of these values is %.2f.\n",
                mean(data, size));
      return 0;
    void show_array(const double ar[], int n);

    This line consistently gives me a parse error that says Parse Error, expecting `')'' or `',''. I surfed the Web and the FAQ's here, and they point to a missing close parens in the statement, but it is identical to the previous statement. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Works for me too under Turbo C 1.0 and Borland C 5.5
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