Thread: Beautifying a main menu screen

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    Beautifying a main menu screen

    Does anybody know of any nice codes which i could use to apply to a screen which is supposed to reveal the main menu...

    coz it looks k ind of dull, and was juyst wondering if there's anyone out there who could help me in suggesting ideas on how i could beautify or decorate, or at least make the main menu look more attractive, hehe...
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    Use graphics functions.

    See graphics.h header file.
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    This is a compiler specific questions, in the faq section theres a load of ways to color text depending on wich compiler you use.
    FAQ , and if you want an easy way to draw things like circles etc you can use the graphics library wich comes with the compiler.
    For instance if you use Borland compiler you can use the BGI graphics, wich are simpel and not made to animate (let things move around the screen).


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