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    Question database programming

    Hi there,

    I have programmed in C now for 2+ years but have not had the opportunity to learn how to use C to connect to and query databases. There are many C/SQL roles out ther ... is database programming difficult with lots to learn ?

    Are there any good tutorials out there on this topic ?



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    visit: and download the MySQLC++ API (have a look into the documentation)

    or search google (google is the best way to get information)!!!

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    database programming is not difficult; as a matter of fact it is extremely interesting, especially when it gets down to using embedded sql.

    if you have no prior knowledge of db programming, i suggest you go over the basic but extremely important concepts of db programming (i.e. create, drop, alter and view tables, integrity enhancement features, entity integrity, referential integrity, schema, creating views, etc.) then you can do some embedded sql programming.

    there is a lot of tutorials out there on the net just do a search on google and you'll see them:

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