Thread: double matrix and data structure?

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    double matrix and data structure?

    a program that stores and processes sparse matrices of floating point numbers. The matrices are of a fixed xize(1,000x1,000 elements), but only a small percentage of the elements have non-zero values. Suggest a method for storing the matrices that is more economical with memory than a two-dimensional array of 1,000x1,000 floats. Write C definitions for your suggested data structure(s).

    I use linkedlist to do it.

    struct matrix {
    int row;
    int coloum;
    struct node *next;

    } node;

    is it right? then how to do it?

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    In the absense of more information, its as good as any other method.

    There are no correct answers - any number of solutions are possible. All will have advantages and disadvantages, and as you gain experience, you will be able to make better choices.
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