Thread: horizontal tab - "\t" - what determines number of spaces?

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    horizontal tab - "\t" - what determines number of spaces?

    When using the horizontal tab - "\t" - what determines number of spaces? - its not defined by ASCII is it?

    If your program relies on the lenght of a string using "\t", is it not good to use "\t" b/c it varies from machine to machine?

    Also, in a separate but related question, when using Visual C++, you can control how many spaces the "Tab" and "Indent" are. Is it good to use the Tab key to represent a number of spaces in a string literal? From what I can tell from Microsoft Help, the space inserted by the tab key is either converted to a number of spaces or converted to a tab character depending on the setting : Tools | Options | Tabs and you can either select "Insert Spaces" or "Keep Tabs"? Is that how this works?
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    if you need to space out your output, use fields, like this

    printf("-10%s-10%s","hi", "hello");

    that will left justify hi and hello in a field of 10. I think that is somethink that might help you.

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    thanks anyway,

    I'm not using conversion specifications though.

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    chrismiceli, hes asking why are there x spaces in tab.

    its probally a standard, but some programs cheat and use their own(whats worse is when they refuse to put in a '\t' and keep using ' '!).

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    >>what determines number of spaces?
    The application doing the display.

    A tab is a single byte, and simply represents an unspecified length of white space.

    As for string literals etc, if you want control over the number of spaces, then output spaces, not tabs.
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    Tabs were used often when you wanted to easily output something to the console and line it up. Ie:
    field	another	cprog	word
    differ	final	they	line
    To line these words up I just used a tab. (Cut and pasted from notepad)

    Tabs usually (keyword: usually) go to the next column divisible by 8 (or the one right after that... i can't remember). So 8 letter words or bigger would disrupt tabbing. Which is why it isn't that popular to use tabs to create spaces.
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