I'm having some trouble with a socket web client. It should basically just connect to enter addr/URL and port through a set server using sockets. I've gotten way off track and I ned some help starightening out what I hae and what I need to get it to run. It should connect then the user will enter GET / HTTP/1.0 followed by a blank line and it will reply with the document HTML.
Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thank you in advance.

#include        "unp.h"

#define MAXN    16384           /* max #bytes requested */

main(int argc, char **argv)
    int             j, fd;
    pid_t	pid;
    ssize_t n;
    char    request[MAXLINE], reply[MAXN];

    if (argc != 2)
	err_quit("usage: client <hostname or IPaddr> <port>");

    nbytes = MAXN;
    snprintf(request, sizeof(request), "%d\n", nbytes);

        if ( (pid = Fork()) == 0) {		/* child */
        	for (j = 0; j < 1; j++) {	/* loop */
    		fd = Tcp_connect(argv[1], argv[2]);

        	Write(fd, request, strlen(request));

	if ( (n = Readn(fd, reply, nbytes)) != nbytes)
   		      err_quit("server returned %d bytes", n);

 	Close(fd);              /* TIME_WAIT on client, not server */
     exit (0)

     while (wait(NULL) > 0)
      if (errno != ECHILD)
    	err_sys("wait error");

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