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    help needed

    i need help for the folowing assignment.

    write a programme for creation of a doubly linked list using pointers in 'C' langauge . also there should be provision for insertion and deletion of elements from the list...

    i have a submission on 31st..
    if anyone could help..
    i'll be thankful.


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    > i need help for the folowing assignment.
    What sort of help?

    You've stated the problem, but how far have you got?
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    thanx sallem for ur reply..
    but the problem is i haven't sarted the programme cuz i just don't know how to do it...
    i mean i am doing a correspondance course...
    and i've read everything i could on pinters and arrays...
    but i still can't figure out how to do this thing...

    i mean if u can help me understand...


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    Double linked lists are WONDERFUL! I love these things.

    First off, do you know what a linked list is? I'll tell ya, because I like them so much.

    A "Linked List" is an object that contains some data, and also a pointer to an object who's type is itself. (That is to say, if I call the object "myObject", then this object contains a pointer who's type is "myObject".)

    Here is a quick example:
    struct myObject
       struct myObject *next;
       int myData;
    A double linked list is similar, except there are two such pointers. These pointers are generally named "prev" (or previous) and "next".

    Think of each object as a link in a chain. There is one before it, and one after it. If it is just a length of chain, think of how it hangs from your hand. Your hand anchors it in place (from falling due to gravity, blah blah), and each link connects to the next in the chain length, until the last one, who doesn't have a next link.

    Very simple concept.


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    Hi Quzah,

    Thanx for that concept of urs...
    well i am still working on the programme...
    so i'll let you know when i finish it off...

    thanx once again

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