Thread: any C Compilers recommended ??

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    any C Compilers recommended ??

    My P.C is working on Windows XP OS...
    I have no experience in compiling source codes and running them....

    I try downloading 2 zip files, but I cannot follow through...
    perhaps its incompatible... or Im just stupid !!

    I believe the best way for me to learn C is by hands-on...

    Can anyone please.. advise me on how to/ where to/ ...of
    getting compilers and running them in my PC..

    One of the dudes around here said:

    "Looking at code can only do so much, you've really got to compile and run code to make any real sense of it all."

    I think that's a REAL QUOTE !! =great Impact !!

    Please Help !!!!

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    If u wanna use open source stuff, which is free available on the net try to use the DevC++ IDE for GCC. It comes with the gcc and g++ compiler with (C /C++ support, and WinAPI support, OpenGL....)

    U can download devC++ at or at the main website

    If u wanna pay a lot of money, buy the Visual Studio C++ (for C and C++), includes compiler and ide.

    And there is such an amount of this post, like "which compiler is the best," "Are the some free compilers for windows ......."

    Search for further information the board for compilers (or for Visual Studio or DevC++)

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    thanks !!

    ok.. I found some files in kazaa.. Borland C++ 5.5 compiler..
    I'll wait to finish this download..

    thanks anyway !!

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    >>I found some files in kazaa.. Borland C++ 5.5 compiler
    If I were, I'd download it directly from the Borland web site
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    I am on Windows XP as well and for C programming I use Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional. It works great for both C/C++ programming.


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    Re: IDE

    Originally posted by hern
    I am on Windows XP as well and for C programming I use Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional. It works great for both C/C++ programming.


    I cant find where I can buy Visual C++ 6. I went to Microsofts site and searched but when I search it always come up with the .NET stuff. Where did you get yours?
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    6 is not the present version; it's unlikely that you'll get it from Microsoft. However, I'm sure it's for "sale" on Kazaa if you want to go that route.

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    i work on win xp professional
    and dev- c++ compiler from bloodshed is really good to compile
    c programs as its c99 compatible.
    try downloading it
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    Do a search on sites like for "Visual Studio 6" or "Visual C++"

    You'll find it's pricey

    Borland 5.5 does not come with an IDE but many editors can handle c-syntax highlighting.
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    oh my.. its terrible...
    even that borland thing, seems not to work with me..

    I got the idea of borrowing the one we have at school, perhaps
    that's my real catch !!

    anyway,.. I can write The Hello World program... but have no idea of running it,.. or whatever you it dudes.. That's just what I mean..

    they say u have to press ctrl+F9,.. others ctrl+Z..
    then there's a text editor ...etc.. what the ?? Im stumped !!

    oh my.. !! I could barely pass through the pages of my book..
    chapter 1/2 , i think...

    any comments ?

    well, i think I'll pass through this thing in no time..

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    as Hammer said, you should download borland's C/C++ compiler from and then read it's readme files to set it up right.
    This compiler is a command line one.

    But I do think you should get the Dev C++, from bloodshed, it has a nice IDE, and pretty god compiler, especially for a beginner.

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