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    Exclamation request for students

    I've been lurking this and the C++ board for about a month now. I am a "newbie" myself; 13 years of IT experience, accomplished at EDI and UNIX shell scripting, but new to C and C++.

    What I'm seeing on these boards is frankly disturbing. There are a number of gurus... a number of honest students/learners trying to figure things out and actually LEARN the language(s)... and a distressing number of people (and I use that term creatively) posting messages like:

    "HELP! I have an assignment that's due tomorrow to write a C program that uses structs and inverted virtual function parse thread tachyon inverter calls to add 1, 2 and 3... can someone show me how to do this really quick?"

    Here's your answer in a nutshell (to borrow from ORA): FIGURE IT OUT! You're taking a class! Let me put it another way... those of you who post things like this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER COME TO WORK WHERE I AM! I am so sick and tired of picking up the slack for people who won't do their own work. If you don't want to learn to program, DON'T TRY TO BECOME A PROGRAMMER!!!!! Be a politician or something.

    There are some helpful folk here who will actually do it and post the code. I think this is well-meaning, but misguided. Think about it. What you're doing is allowing someone who may be incapable of actually doing the assignment to pass. You could be contributing to the creation of the next entry-level type to take your job... But there's something else amiss here, and that's the abject dishonesty of the whole thing. What's wrong with you that you actually hope and expect that someone else will do your work for you, and that you don't even see the problem in this?

    I've been lurking these boards not to find fodder for criticizing, but to find answers as well. I've solved quite a few problems, and written a number of functional (but admittedly primitive) programs because of what I found here. Know how I found it? Scroll up... all the way up... see the button labelled search? Try it, it works! If you're taking a class, then you should know enough about what you need to do an effective search. Do one, and learn. In looking at the list of returns, you'll learn far more than you EVER will having someone change your diaper for you.

    Stepping down from soapbox... ahem.

    Thank you all for your time, and I apologize if this is so far off topic that it offends anyone, but it's just absurd. I guess maybe I'm just so old that I remember the concept called "cheating".


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    I understand your concern but it's just something you'll have to live with and ignore around here. No matter where you go, you'll always have people that are too lazy to make the effort to do things and it's just part of life. $$$$$ing about it won't keep them from posting. Want to get really ........ed off? Go to and see how many people on there are willing to pay people to do their homework assignments.
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    I totally agree with you Djp.
    Although i must say that ,and im not a student -i am but im not taking any programming classes, the "hurry i need this by tomorow" thread is really funny.
    If i read them im always LMFAO, can you imagine that ppl actually delay things and keep delaying them untill they have a test next day. Ive learned a new word and im going to use it here, the ppl that use the "hurry i need this by tomorow" thread are Procrastinators.
    A seemingly very scientific word but it means nothing less then a lazy-bone (wich these ppl probably are).

    Maybe this thread had to be in the GD, but i think that if these Procrastinators actually read this overhere (wich they prolly wont becoz "WE LIKE COPY-N-PASTE-CODE", and no long gibberish text explaining us what to do) they will realize that the only thing they do is annoy other ppl.

    With this said i do NOT want to offend anyone whatsoever.



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    This board does a good job about not trying to give a solution out unless it has been attempted.

    Since I am a college instructor, I see this happen I lot. I tell my students and have rules in writting what I expect. Two rules:

    1. No programming questions taken on day program is due. Period.

    2. Only one question per day will be taken on individual programming problems.

    My biggest problem are students that don't use resources like books internet to help them solve problems.
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    DJP-- my hat is off to you. Nice summation. Fact is, too many people shouldn't even be in this field-- they should dig ditches, or something they have core competency at.

    Contrary to what educational institutions think, most people are not suited, or qualified, to be in the high-tech field-- and certainly not as problem solvers-- which is what programmers are.

    To take it a step further, anybody who gets bored, _ever_, and who cannot visualize very well, should not be a developer/engineer of any kind whatsoever.

    We've watched the entire software industry crumble, at this point, because nobody knows how to engineer software anymore. And Java ISN'T a robust development language-- it's a scab that's been overdeveloped beyond its purpose-- it's a script language for crying out loud!

    Again, nice job DJP.

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    I agree totally, and a month ago posted the same message ;-) You know what they say about great minds....

    What I've noticed is the 'professionals' offer help, clues, and such. And they tend to post quite a bit. The people that give answers tend to be lurkers and non-professionals, and tend not to post often. At least that's what it seems to me.
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