Thread: Binary to Decimal... Help needed....

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    Unhappy Binary to Decimal... Help needed....

    Hi all,
    Is there any sample program for converting Binary number to Decimal number in C..
    I can find program in C++ only...
    Thanks in advance,
    xiao guang

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    Have you tried understanding the C++ code and then writing your own program?
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    I'm assuming you want to convert an integer like 110011 to decimal?

    Find out how to deal with each digit seperately, then add it back with a power of 2 instead of 10.

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    >>Binary number
    Can you confirm your meaning of this term. What variable type are you converting from?
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    Binary to Decimal

    Binary and Decimal are the same thing-- simply different representations. You didn't ask for text conversions, Reclaimer, so that isn't discussed in this index.

    Since binary is base-2, it's very easy.

    1) What is your value-size? long, short, byte?
    2) Create a mask for the high-bit
    3) test the value against that mask to determine value of set/cleared bit.
    4) right-shift the mask by one, and go back to step 3 until all bits tested
    5) convert resulting value to a string (if that's what you want) and display as decimal.

    If you're just using string conversions, then use the string library.

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