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    Unhappy Kwic

    Hi folks one of the dreaded newbies. I have checked the faq's, and searched all over the place, so hope some one can help.

    I have to implement a KWIC (Keyword in Context) program in C
    I have completed this in Perl, as the first part and now have to redo in C. My input is in a file like this

    look in these sentences for ignore words
    another sentence

    This produces 3 seperate fields, divided by "::"

    I need to read the number it..easy

    I need to read in "::" and check to see if it is one..and disregard it

    1. One problem I am having is how do I check characters against others?

    2. Another, how do I get it to loop until it reaches the second set of "::" ?

    3. The trickiest stuff the kwic index... Need to split up sentences,and check against each word for existence of keywords.

    4. Also tricky, after keyword is identified, how do I replace it in the proper place in capitalized form.

    Any advice appreciated. Esp on input and array manipulation..


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    If you can do it in Perl, then there's no reason you can do it in C Just review your Perl source and try to look into C's "string.h" library. Lots of string maniputlation functions there.

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    You're going to love this. It isn't as hard as you're expecting.

    First, check out fscanf here:

    Then check here:

    after that, here:

    I think that's all you really need to do the first few parts. Then you'll need some string comparision functions...look up the STL functions, run a board search for them, or I'm sure someone here will help you. I don't know them myself For #4 though... not sure what you mean, but Toupper() will capitalize a letter for you.

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    Originally posted by blackrat364
    You're going to love this. It isn't as hard as you're expecting.

    First, check out fscanf here: ...
    You'll probably be better off using fgets() instead. The scanf() family have trouble returning all the data if not used properly whereas fgets() will return one full line from the file.
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