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    What's wrong

    I have this code:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    	int x, y, i=3, j=4;
    	for( x=i, y=j; x>=0 || y >=0; x--, y-- )
    		printf( "%d %d\n", x, y );
    	return 0;
    It is supposed to stop typing when i<0 OR j<0, but it doesn't

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    >>x>=0 || y >=0
    Should be:
    x >= 0 && y >= 0
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    Ok, thanks pal!
    But i don't undertand why. With || when x==-1 it should stop...
    Why &&?
    ( Trying to be a good C Programmer )

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    test out the logic:

    x && y is only true when both x and y are true.

    x || y is only false when both x and y are false.

    so in your case, the first time x is < 0, y is not, and so your statement evaluates to: True || False which still equals True.

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