Thread: Loading a struct with data from a file

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    Question Loading a struct with data from a file

    How do you load a structure with data from a file?

    I am running Windows 98 with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

    The code attached has errors in it from undeclared identifiers to subscript requires an array or pointer type.

    I am new to C, an what appeared to be an easy problem can turn really nasty in a second.

    Please help,

    The name of the file I was trying to load from was inventry.dat

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    structures should be written to binary files not text files

    you can read a structure from a binary file with

    fread(struct, sizeof(structure), 1, file);

    this will read the whole structure into the structure pointed to by struct

    if you changed the 1 to a 2 it would 2 structures, then struct would have to be a pointer to an array of structures.
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