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    confusion win32 -console app

    Im getting confused i check the msdn library and see that there are functions for win32 apps to open files and handle 'em.
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int WINAPI WinMain()
      return 0;
    int open_file(){
      FILE *fl;
      fl=fopen("C:\\windows\\desktop\\shutd.txt", "w");
      if(fl == NULL ){
           printf("Couldnt create file\n");
             fprintf(fl,"Apparently this is working\n");
             printf("It worked");
      return 0;
    As you can see its a win32 application. Now how come that this does creates a file called shutd.txt containing the line "Apparently this is working" but doesnt displays my message ( It worked).... i mean how do you know if a function can be used in a win32 application or not, i could use the functions from the msdn library to open a file or i could use the functions according to the ANSI C... wich do you choose.
    Since ive always programmed for console app ive never had to deal with functions like " public static File open( String path )---according to the msdn lib"....
    Any link or suggestion that can clear the sky for me would be welcome.

    P.S: Dont be too hard for me when u'v read this like "WHAa what an idiot." ( I'm just a kiddo trying to learn )

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    Thx Salem...
    I'm probably thinking a little bit too much about everything .

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    There is no console screen in a Win32 Interface; thus, no text is displayed. Use the MessageBox function instead.

    edit: Also, now that your into Win32 programming, you might want to look up how to use Debug features of the compiler that you are using, such as the various Watch-Windows.
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