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    Question c prog/conversion

    i am finally getting close to getting this program completed, I hope with just one more error to resolve.
    Thanks in advance
    if (Binary == 128)
    printf(" ");
    temp = Octal;
    printf("\t%o\t%hx\n", Decimal); // <--- for this part when i
    Decimal++; // %o\t%hx\n put i get the
    //octal don't the
    //{ temp = hx // hex value, but when i
    // printf("\t%hx\n") //switch them arround i do get
    //hx++ //the hex value but not where i
    should i do this ^ (?)

    } while (Decimal < Stop );

    printf("\nContinue? (Y/N): ");

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    Mmm - it's hard to see, but I think you need to do this

    > printf("\t%o\t%hx\n", Decimal);
    Are you asking why you dont get both printed?
    Well its because you have two % conversions and only one parameter

    This is better
    printf("\t%o\t%hx\n", Decimal, Decimal );
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