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    Structure Issue

    If I have a collection of data which will be assigned their values via input from the user, and I would like to loop this collection of data so that I can enter another set of values for this collection of data.

    This collection of data is actually located in a structure.

    In order to store these data, must I have an array variable of this structure? If I use a single linked list, must I still use an array?
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    If you use a linked list, you will not need an array becuase each structure will have a pointer pointing to the next list so you will be able to get each set of information.
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    Stumon is correct if you create the structure dynamically for each input -- IOW every time data is entered, you need to malloc() a copy of the structure. The link would be a ponter to the address of the next structiore

    Or, create an array of the structure and the link would be a subscript to the next entry in the array. This form requires you to define a maximum number of entries in the collection.
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