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    rate my code

    I wrote this program that converts a sentence into pig latin. I wrote this a while ago, now just wanna see if i can improve it and see what other people think about it
    It follows these rules:-
    If the word begins with a vowel -way is appended at the end.
    An become Anway
    If the word has no vowel -way is appended at the end.
    By becomes Byway
    Otherwise all the letters following the first vowel in the word are moved to the front and -ay is added to the end.
    Pond becomes Ondpay.

    here is the code, tell me what ya think and how i can improve it:-

    /* This program takes in a line of text, and converts into pig latin, and the rules*/
    /*of pig latin are explined in the program details*/
    /*programmer = Kashif Khan. 139-06-1856*/
    /*TTH 4:00-5:30*/
    /*function prototypes*/
    void translateline(char [], char []);
    int extractintoew(char [], char [],int);
    void convertintopig(char [], char [] );
    int wherevowel(char []);
    int copyintopl(char [], char [],int);
    int main()
    	char el[100]={'\0'},pl[200]={'\0'};
    	printf("Enter a line(# to end): ");
    		printf("Pig Latin translation: ");
    		printf("\nPlease enter a line (# to end): ");
    	printf("Good Bye, Oodgay Ebyay\n");
    	return 0;
    /*based on pseudo code shown in instruction*/
    void translateline(char el[], char pl[])
        char ew[17] = {'\0'},pw[17] = {'\0'};
        int ep = 0, pp = 0, k = 0,r;
        while (el[ep] != '\0')
            if (isalpha(el[ep]))
                k = extractintoew(el,ew,ep);
                ep += k;
                r = copyintopl(pw,pl,pp);
                pp += r;
                if (isspace(el[ep]))
                    pl[pp++] = el[ep];
                    pl[pp] = el[ep];
        pl[pp] = '\0';
    /*extracts word from el that starts from current position*/
    /*and store in ew*/
    int extractintoew(char el[],char ew[],int ep)
        int i = 0;
        while (isalpha(el[ep]))
            ew[i++] = el[ep++];
        ew[i] = '\0';
        return i;
    /*translate English word ew to Pig Latin and store in pw*/
    void convertintopig(char ew[], char pw[])
        int y, m, cap = 0;
        /* Check for a capital letter */
        if (ew[0] == toupper(ew[0]))
            ew[0] = (char)tolower(ew[0]);
            cap = 1;
        y = wherevowel(ew);
        if (y == 0 || y == -1)
            m=strlen(ew);//calculate the length of the string;
            memmove(pw, ew + y, m); /* Copy the latter half to pw */
            strncat(pw, ew, y);     /* Copy the former half to pw */
            strcat(pw, "ay");       /* End the word */
        /* Deal with the capital letter */
        if (cap == 1)
            pw[0] = (char)toupper(pw[0]);
    /*determines the position of the first vowel*/
    int wherevowel(char ew[])
        int j;
        char *vowel = "aeiou";
            j = 0;
            char *p = strpbrk(ew,vowel);
            j = (p == 0) ? -1 : p - ew;
        return j;
    /*copies word from pw into pl*/
    int copyintopl(char pw[], char pl[], int pp)
        int a = 0;
        int b;
        b = strlen(pw);
        while (a < b)
            pl[pp++] = pw[a++];
        return b;

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    gets() was used because those were the professor instructions. And the arrays were such bec the english word or sentence would be smaller than the pig latin equivalent. I used memmove to be different from the rest of the ppl, bec most would use a loop or strcpy, i wanted to be a little diff. As for the other suggestion, they are excellent and I will implement them...please keep the suggestions pouring in and what you think of the program overall.

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