Thread: wrong output on input

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    wrong output on input

    hey, i've got (in my eyes) this weird little problem:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
        char day[10];
        printf("give a day: ");
        scanf("%s", day);
        if ((day == "saturday") || (day == "sunday"))
            printf("\nIts weekend\n");
            printf("\n its a weekday");
    no matter what day I input it always returns weekday.

    some got an idea how this happens because i really dont.
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    You can't use '==' to compare strings (what you are actually doing is comparing to char * pointers which are never equal since they point to different things... so you always get an answer of false... so you always think its a week day)

    Try strcmp() or strncmp() which are defined in the header string.h

    edit: Salem beat me to it!

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    ah thanx guys i didnt know i couldnt use == for this thing

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