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    My sister want me to program a program to keep a inventory of her craft supplies, and she want me to have it so she can save her invertory, saveing in it's self is going to be a bear!

    I'm going to use Structues to for the invertory, I also need to make a menu too, most of this stuff I know how to do but saveing Structures! I don't know how to do that!

    So I'm looking for someone to help me on this project, email me if you want to help, my email is

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    It's easy to write and read a structure from a file. Here are some examples.

    #include <stdio.h>
    typedef struct{
     int data;
    void ReadData(char *file, MYSTRUCT *pstruc){
     FILE *f=fopen(file,"rb");
    void SaveData(MYSTRUCT *pstruc, char *file){
     FILE *f=fopen(file,"wb");
    int main(){
     MYSTRUCT ms;;
     SaveData(&ms,"mystruct.dat");; // zeroed to test reading function
     printf("MyStruct's Data = %d\n",; // should be 1
     return 0;

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