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    Question change character while in scanf

    You know how in some sites they cover the password with stars?
    well, I wanna do the same thing in 'C', but instead of characters
    I wanna do it with only spaces.. For Example, if the person wants to put his/her name and they put Space in between
    (e.g. John Edward), but if they put space, it will skip the next scanf.. What I want instead is when they input a space ' ', it will be replaced with underscore '_' or a character that acts like a space.. Any Ideas on how to do that??
    Thanks in advance

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    Or put the input in a loop and read a single character at a time until CR is pressed. For this use
    1) getch() which will input a character but not output it
    2) Test the character and change it if necessary
    3) Add the character to your input array
    4) use putchar() to output the character to the screen
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