Thread: Chained hash tables using an array of lists

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    Question Chained hash tables using an array of lists

    I know how to use linked lists (is that similar to an array of lists?) and I kind of understand the concept of hash tables. But how would I implement a hash table using an array of lists. Also, how do I XOR characters?

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    Try looking at Google for linked list tutorials.

    To XOR two values, use the ^ and ^= operators.

    char a, b;
    a = 'a';
    b = 'b';
    a ^= b;
    b ^= a;
    a ^= b; // Now a = 'b' and b = 'a'
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    >But how would I implement a hash table using an array of lists.
    Play around with this simple hash table with linked list chaining. It's really very simple, you just have to see how things work.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #define TABSIZ 200
    struct TabRec {
        struct TabRec *next;
        char name[BUFSIZ];
    static struct TabRec *htable[TABSIZ];
    unsigned hash(char *s)
        unsigned h;
        for (h = 0; *s; s++)
            h = *s + 31 * h;
        return h % TABSIZ;
    struct TabRec *find(char *name)
        struct TabRec *item;
        for (item = htable[hash(name)]; item; item = item->next)
            if (strcmp(name, item->name) == 0)
                return item;
        return NULL;
    struct TabRec *insert(char *name)
        struct TabRec *item;
        unsigned h;
        if ((item = find(name)) == NULL)
            /* Not found, add */
            if ((item = malloc(sizeof (*item))) == NULL)
                return NULL;
            strcpy(item->name, name);
            h = hash(name);
            item->next = htable[h];
            htable[h] = item;
        return item;
    int main(void)
        char buf[BUFSIZ];
        struct TabRec *item;
        while (fgets(buf, sizeof (buf), stdin))
            if (insert(buf) == NULL)
        printf("Enter a name to find: ");
        if (fgets(buf, sizeof (buf), stdin))
            if ((item = find(buf)) != NULL)
                printf("%s", item->name);
        return 0;
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