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    Question Graphical C

    Hello all,

    Having been programming in C for over a year, I am finally becoming comfortable with the development process. I am currently working on a database to track animal histories. I only know C and have only programmed console apps however, and was wondering what I could use as a graphical front-end besides the ascii gui I use in my console apps. Any recommendations? For now I only need something to get me through the GUI for this DB.

    I am using Metrowerks Codewarrior 7, so I have a few language options available for compiling. As always, your help is much appreciated.

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    There are several graphics APIs out there that you can use, those that come immediately to mind for starting out would be Allegro, SDL and OpenGL. Google them for further info, a thorough dissertation into each is far beyond the scope of a message board thread.
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    It depends on the platform you are using CodeWarrior.
    So, you may use Metrowerks Powerplant Framework or
    Apple's Cocoa/Carbon frameworks if you are on a Mac,
    MFC on Wintel box, Java for a cross-platform interface,
    or other API's as Prelude suggests

    more info on Metrowerks
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    Thanks to you both. I played around with the googlemeister and found that there was an API for Win32 programs in C. I had no idea this was possible but you can rest assured I'll be spending the next few weeks immersed in this topic. For others who may be interested, I found this great site.
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    Look at the windows board here for WIN32 API and MFC (ect) ........
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