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    Simple simple graphics

    What I'm looking for is something which lets me program in graphics in C. Usually when I look around everyone says to use OpenGL - however I don't want or need anything this complicated. I'm using a PC, at school on the Macintosh there used to be a simple graphics library like this with simple commands such as DrawRect(&R,10,10,20,20) or DrawOval, MoveTo, LineTo, setting the colours, creating and colour regions, etc. All very easy, no problems. However I cannot seem to find anything like this when searching, it seems very hard to find even though they must exist. Can someone pleeeease help, I've been trying for ages.

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    DOS supports functions like that, though for modern Windows systems I'm unaware of something that simple. Most APIs for Windows support 3D and windowing and all kinds of nifty doo dads, nobody wants the really simple stuff anymore. If you find anything be sure to let me know, though don't lose hope, somebody else here might know of something.
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    I am sure the Directx library has these simple functions.
    I have not been able to use Directx in my learning progress so I dont know which ones.
    try some of the open graphic libraries.

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