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    Lightbulb File operations

    hi ,
    the enteries i need to make in the Text file are

    S.No Tagname(7char) Description(14char) State

    1. FCLT01 THis is blah blah.
    2048 . vvvv xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Out of the above only STATE is changed dynamically rest all information is static but the goes from 1 to 2048.
    So could anyone tell me how should i proceed as the static entries are a lot.

    thanks in advance

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    Does the file exist with all the static values already defined?

    If so, your program could
    define a structure with the State, Tagname, Description defined, define an array of the structures, then read the file.

    Change the state numbers and write teh file.


    By the way, Salem, I think CP means by 'static' that the description and tagname are pre-defined and not to be changed.

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    Yeah by Static i mean the information is not changed only State is changed .

    The file does not exist i just need to write the static info( TAG DEscription) if the state(0 or 1) is changed for the corresponding, and keep on appending the information.

    so there are 2048 S.nos and every S.No can have 2 states (0 or 1) and for 0 there is one TAG and DESCRIPTION and for 1 there is diff TAG and DESCRIPTION.

    any suggestions(an example of sorts would be great).

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