Thread: file handling/comparing.

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    file handling/comparing.

    hi All!

    i need to do the follwoing i will create a thread
    which will contineously read data from serial port and
    will dump it in a file. Second thread will contineously read this data
    and compare it with the previous data in the same file if there
    is any change it will set some flag.Basically i don't know much
    about file handling, could somebody suggest as how to do it?


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    You can use the _fstat function to see if the file is changed.
    For file IO, the easiest would be to use fopen/fread/fwrite, etc..(Alternatively open/sopen/read/write)
    For syncronization between the threads you can use CreateMutex/WaitforsingleObject/ReleaseMutex

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