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    Angry how to create a library

    I need general details on how to set-up my function in a header file so that it could be called from anybodys program just by '# include <myheader.h>.
    Function name: myfunction(char cookie)

    #include <myheader.h>

    cookie = myfunction(char cookie);

    I'm fairly new to setting up header file to include my own function and I would appreciate some detailed informaton on how to go about setting it up.
    I'm using c++ compiler and I can't see any help file associated with header or library files.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    Naresh Nijran

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    I had this same question recently, here is a really really good explanation of how to organize the contents of your library. There are other ways to do it but I thought that was pretty neat.

    Btw the < > around the library name means that the compiler will look in the spot where your system header files are located, i think thats usually a few different places. The " " around the name means that it will look in the cwd first then the system header file location. I had a really good link to a howto for linux on how to make all kinds of libraries but I can't find it heh. Goodluck.

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