Thread: advanced c programming

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    advanced c programming

    hey guys,
    I am done with c programming in univ, and I am pretty much fluent with c. But id like to do some advanced things with it like make installers,etc....know of any good books or links to get started???
    thanks alot

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    the os that i use for the majority of the time is windows.....ocassionaly at school i use linux

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    hims !

    ok !
    how much you know C programming ?
    do you use pointer dyn. memory allocation struct link lists.. and like them efficiently
    are you like for something that dares you ?
    if yes look at my question about " Memory allocation "
    and contact me at therenton at hotmail dot com

    have a nice day

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    At they have a good collection of book reviews.

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    If you want to take on 'The Ultimate Challenge' then try writing your own Operating System
    Wandering aimlessly through C.....

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    hi !
    i cant say that i never think writing an OS
    see you

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