Thread: copy application-output into a txt-file

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    copy application-output into a txt-file


    at first i want to say, that iīm a beginner in c-programming and i didnīt find any thread which helps me

    now i try to describe my problem:

    i want to save the output from an application (for example "tracert.exe" from Windows) into a txt.file. But i donīt know how i have to code it.

    i tried to use the function 'system("tracert.exe .....")' from <stdlib.h> and fill this output in an array so i can write the characters of the array in this txt.file, but it doesnīt work

    i think the cause is the "printf()" function from "tracert" - can i devert the output? if yes - how?

    can anybody help me or give me some advice?


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    tracert.exe > output.txt

    If you enter this on the command line the output (stdout) of the program tracert.exe is written to the file output.txt.

    System("tracert.exe > output");
    This should work.

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    thx Sargnagel for this advice. it is working now

    i think i tried already - but i got the error "to many arguments (or parameters)" - its possible that i made an other mistake - i dont know it anymore.

    i am really happy that this code is working now many many thx

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    Here's another way which reads the output directly in to you're program by using _popen(). This example is running the DIR command then printing the DIR output with printf(). Then you can write to file or anything, also modify the output.
    #include <stdio.h>
    void Dir(char* Path)
         char   Buffer[128];
         char   CommandLine[128];
         FILE* fin;
         sprintf(CommandLine, "DIR %s", Path);
         if ((fin = _popen(CommandLine, "r")) !=  NULL) 
              while( !feof( fin ) )
                   if( fgets( Buffer, 128, fin ) != NULL )
                        printf("My Output>>: " );
                        printf( Buffer );
    int main()
         return 0;

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