Thread: Confusion about pointers

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    Confusion about pointers

    here's what i'm trying to do.

    i have an array of integers. i don't apriori know the size of this array. (i get it from my i/p file.) now i first calloc the array by using an integer pointer. then i go back to my i/p file. what i have there are the (integer) values of each of the elements of the array. my question is, how do i read these elements while i loop over the array size?

    further, each of the array elements form the size of other arrays used in the program. so i've to calloc those arrays using these elements. what is the correct syntax for these calloc statements?

    i'd be very thankful if someone can answer these questions.

    thanks for your time,

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    /* Malloc enough to hold 10 ints */
    int *myarray = malloc(sizeof(*myarray) * 10);
    /* Now loop through the array, assigning it a values. */
    for (i = 0; i < 10; i++)
      myarray[i] = i;
    Personally, I'd avoid calloc().
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