Thread: Multiplication in GCC 2.953

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    Multiplication in GCC 2.953

    Hi, as far as I understand when I multiply two 32 bit integer numbers, the processor produces a 64 bit result, but then the compiler truncates the upper 32 bits to produce a 32 bit value. Is there a way in gcc to avoid this truncating? The problem is that I need to multiply two potentially big 32bit numbers(I don't want to use long long because it's slow) and need to verify whether their product fits into 32 bit integer.

    Thanks !

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    I don't know about a solution offered by GCC, but you could write a function for such multiplication. Let it receive two 32 bit variables, design a 64 bit datastructure and store the result of the multiplication in that datastructure.

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    Well, my performance grows by at least 20% if I use ints instead of (long long)

    Right now I'm doing the following:
    long long result = (long long)a * (long long) b;
    if (result > MAX_INT) then overflow
    else no overflow.

    but that's still not fast enough, considering that the CPU can do it all for me..

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