Thread: Decent compiler?

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    Decent compiler?

    Does anyone know of and recommend a compiling program like VC++ or borland, but free? I'm starting C classes this summer, looking to get a little feel for the language before they start after using java forever.

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    By compiler I meant IDE.

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    I guess you're working with windows, so Dev-C++ is a good option, if you're working with Linux, KDevelop is a great option, here a screenshot

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    emacs is useful if you already have a compiler and just want a text editor with code highlighting/movement.

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    My experience with VC has been it is more interested in producing a GUI than following standards. For windoze, I agree that dev C (ver 4) would be helpful.

    I don't use *nix, so I have no ideas there.

    If you can find a free multi use IDE shell, then I'd suggest using the Borland 5.5 freeware compiler.
    I haven't used a compiler in ages, so please be gentle as I try to reacclimate myself. :P

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    Some other good free IDE's: Crimson Editor, ConTEXT. Currently I use Crimson Editor most, it supports several languages and tools. More free tools can be found here:

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