Thread: Passing point to array[][] to a function

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    Passing pointer to array[][] to a function

    I have a 2d array bZBuffer[][] and i want to pass a pointer to this array to a function but i cant figure out how. I know its easy, just one of those days. In fact I looked it up in a book and their version doesn't work

    this is what i have at the mo

    function prototype:
    void Rasterise(int iObjectCount, Buffer ***bZBuffer);
    Rasterise(iCountO, &bZBuffer);
    I know its basic error, cheers for any help
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    Would this help?
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    How would you pass a 2d string array "Pointer" which contains a list of names to a function? What would be the syntax to Define the Array in the Main module/program, and then to Declare and to Call the function? Thanks!

    This question is in reference to my earlier problem, because I have very little experience with this code situation.
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    Well, thanks for the input... I'll try to remember it for next time. I just opted for global variables in my situation to make things simple. I'll try what you said on my code to see if that fixes it. Thanks Again!

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