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    Sqrt() Function

    hi everyone...just wanna say thanks for everyone that help me so far since i'm very new to C.

    the problem asked to write a C function name root4() that returns the fourth root of the argument passed to it. in writing root4() use the sqrt() library function.

    this is what i came up with and i feel like its wrong...please help..

    double sqrt(double num);//function type

    int main()
    double num,total;
    total = sqrt(4.0 + 7*3);
    printf("\nthe 4th root is %lf", total);
    return 0;
    the 4th root is 5.000000Press any key to continue

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    >>total = sqrt(4.0 + 7*3);
    This is

    7*3 = 21
    4 + 21 = 25
    sqrt(25) = 5

    [edit]Obvious typo fixed (thanks ronin)
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    4+21 = 5? Not in my math class.

    whadda bout

    double root4(double argument){ return sqrt(sqrt(argument)); }
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    What about root( double n, double number ) { return pow( number, 1.0 / n ); }

    Oops. Forgot to use sqrt.
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    For a bit of math to explain the double square root above, incase you need it...

    fourth root (x)=x^(1/4)



    sqr(sqr(x))=(x^(1/2))^(1/2)=x^(1/4)=fourth root (x)

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