Thread: Passing And Returning Values

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    Passing And Returning Values

    ************************************************** **
    Here is the question:

    Write a program that prints, in main(), the double-precision area of a circle given that a user's double-precision radius is passed to the function. The formula for calculating a circle's area is

    area = 3.14159 * (radius * radius)
    ************************************************** **
    Here is the code:

    // prints the double precision of the area of the circle
    // where formula is area = 3.14159 * (radius * radius)
    // value is passed to a function

    double radius(double radius); // global variables

    main ()
    double area;
    double radius;

    area = 3.14159 * (radius * radius);

    printf("The double precision area of your circle is %f", area);
    return 0;
    double radius(double radius)
    printf("What is the radius of your circle:");
    scanf(" %.5f", &radius);
    return (radius);

    ************************************************** **

    I get an error message saying that the text in bold is not a function. What am i doing wrong here?

    error C2063: 'radius' : not a function

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    varibles and functions arent supposed to have the same name

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