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    Unhappy arrays of char strings

    if i wanted to enter a number of persons names and store them in an array . How would i go about doin this . Do i use two arrays , one for the indididual char and on for the string, or some other way . What condition do i use to see if all the name contain letters of the alphabet.

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    You would probably want to use a two-dimensional array to store the names like this:

    char names[max_num_of_names_to_store] [ max_name_length];

    To check if the string contains alphabetic chars use: isalpha() from the ctype.h library. ctype.h has several useful functions to verify the input.

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    You could also build a structure.

    struct peoplearray {
    char name[40]; <-- you can choose the size
    } namearray[4000];

    Reference it as namearray[i].name, works great in Visual C++.

    It will also allow you to add addition features to the name, say age, or address, and keep them all together.

    struct peoplearray {
    char name[40]; <-- you can choose the size
    int age;
    char address[40];
    } namearray[4000];


    Hope this helps.

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