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    Unhappy Memory Problem - I think...

    Hey everyone,

    I'm having this serious problem with this linke dlist implementation. It is susposed to be part of a flight reservtion system (basic introductory problem in C) - but everytime the execution of initiateNode begins, the program crashes, saying that "The instruction at xxxxxx referenced memory at xxxxxxx. The memory could not be written"

    I understand that this is a problem with reserved memory trying to be used, but I don't known how to fix it -

    Heres the parts of the code that are most likely the culprits!


    //-------------------------- initiateNode --------------------------//

    /* This function initialises a node, allocates memory for the node,
    and returns a pointer to the new node. Name, Phone and Flight number
    are added at this stage. Uses add function to establish node
    on the actual linked list.*/

    struct node * initiateNode(char *name, char *flight_no, int phone)
    struct node *ptr;
    ptr = (struct node *) malloc( 1, sizeof(struct node ) );
    //In case of an error, ptr set to NULL, so...
    if(ptr == NULL)
    return (struct node *) NULL;
    //Otherwise take passenger details and.
    strcpy(ptr->name, name);
    ptr->phone = phone;
    strcpy(ptr->flight_no, flight_no);
    return ptr;
    //This is pointer to the new node.

    //-------------------------- add --------------------------//

    /* This adds a node to the end of the list (doesn't fill in detials).*/
    void add(struct node *newNode)
    if( head == NULL )
    //If this is the first node...
    head = newNode;
    (*end).next = newNode;
    (*newNode).next = NULL;
    // Set next field to signify the end of list
    end = newNode;
    // Make end to point to the last node

    This is the implementation part - not all of it!

    case 2:
    printf("\nEnter name: ");
    scanf("%s", &name);
    printf("\nEnter phone number: ");
    scanf("%d", &phone);
    printf("\nCurrent Flights Available: ");
    for(i = 0; i < number; i++)
    printf("%s\n", current_flight[i].flight_no);
    }//Ignore this part
    printf("\nEnter Flight number for passenger: ");
    scanf("%s", &flight_no);
    ptr = initiateNode(name, flight_no, phone);

    There is also two global variables

    struct node *head = NULL;
    struct node *end = NULL;

    _________________end code_________________

    I know its probably too much to ask, but does anyone have any ideas???

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    If end==NULL then this line will fail -

    (*end).next = newNode;

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    So what should end be set to??

    I have tried removing these two global variables -
    But program won't compile if I do.

    struct node *head = NULL;
    struct node *end = xxxx; //???????

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    You can check whether end points to anything in a similar way to your test for whether head does. If so attach newnode to the head and end and not end->next.

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    To elaborate on Salem's answer, if you have:

    char * name;

    you CAN use it, but you need to malloc it before the copy. So, instead of just:

    strcpy(ptr->name, name);

    you need:

    ptr->name = (char *) malloc(strlen(name) + 1);
    strcpy(ptr->name, name);

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