Thread: Problem showing Moduls ...

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    Problem showing Moduls ...

    There is a logical error in the program line ie.
    printf("\nThe remander is : %d ",b);
    it does not show the Moduls of the number .Suppose i write the number 5 i.e 15%10 it have to show 5 but on the screen it shows
    the line as mention above.Please tell me what is the logical error that it shoes the out put as
    printf("\nThe remander is : %d ",b);
    Remaining my program is working fine.

    void main()
    int a,b,c;
    printf("Enter the number : ");

    printf("The answer is : %d ",c);
    printf("\nThe remander is : %d ",b); .....Error is here...?


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    Just tried the program an I got this output ! If this is correct then there's not a problem with the code.

    Enter the number : 15
    The answer is : 1
    The remander is : 5

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