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    Unhappy huge-number-application

    Im a 15-year old interestet pupil and Ive a big problem:

    I wanna write c-applications which need huge numbers and
    I think that there must exist some libraries which are easy to program. I use the gcc-compiler under Linux.

    You can mail me at "".

    Thank you!

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    How big are the numbers you wants to use?

    For example the maximum value a unsigned long integer can store is 4,294,967,295. You can specify it to be bigger ( for example as unsigned long long int ) and then you will a bigger range of values that is able to handle (I am not sure of the exact number, but it would go into trillions).

    As far as liibraries are concerned, I am pretty sure there are some math libraries available, so I would recommend running a search on google to look for some.

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    GMP is what you want

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    well, there are two choices:

    1. making an array of char's, and each char is a digit. and making your own functions for adding, substracting and everything else

    Pros: very easy to understand and implement
    easier to work with
    easier to debug

    Cons: a very interesting Memory waste

    2. making an array of int's and summing the bits to have greater values (eg. an array of 1000 int's would make you a 32*1000=32000 bit variable)

    Pros: Very fast, and cost-effective

    Cons: VERY tough to implement


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