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    Adding elements to a string


    This might be an easy question but I want to define one big long string or possibly alot of smaller strings, I want to be able to add elements to a string for example when someone clicks button1 it adds "action1 " to the string and when someone clicks button2 it adds "action2 " etc I also want to know how to ad line terminators to a string

    The aim is to output it all to a text file that is why I need line terminators, would it be easier to implement it as a string per line? I plan on having alot of lines, one big string might take up to much memory.

    I hope someone can help me


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    What do you have so far? Put some code so we may help you with something specific. If you dont have anything, read this first. CLICK ME
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    You could keep your file open and write to it when necessary instead of keeping a lot of strings.

    In the other case you would use the dynamic memory allocation functions, like malloc, realloc and free to allocate memory for your string and resize the memory when the string needs to grow.

    You could also combine it. Store the text in a large string, if the string is full, write its contents to the file and then start storing at the beginning of the string again until it gets full again. It saves some file-writing actions. But it requires a more advanced memory management system.

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