Thread: (pattern *) pat & pattern * pat

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    (pattern *) pat & pattern * pat

    what is the difference between 1 & 2?

    1. pat = (PATTERN *)

    2. pat = PATTERN * vector(1,(int)*num_patfiles,sizeof(PATTERN));

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    look at it this way


    this returns something. My guess is a pointer of some sort.

    (PATTERN *)

    this is a cast.So putting the 2 together you are casting the result of vector(blahblah) to a PATTERN* or a pointer to a PATTERN and storing that in the variable pat.

    pat = PATTERN * vector(1,(int)*num_patfiles,sizeof(PATTERN));

    This on the other hand is a multiplication. It shouldn't compile as pointers cant be multiplied. This says multiply PATTERN with the result of vector(blahblah) and store the result in pat.
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