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    array probs

    i'm trying to input data in to an array. problem is i need to be able to access the function and enter data while the incrementer is incremented. To get rid of junk values in the indexer i've assigned it 0. Problem is the array resets itself everytime i access the function. If i dont assign a value to the indexer it shows data that makes no sense....does anyone know a way around this so that the array doesnt always automatically reset but at the same time doesnt show junk? I need to access the function via a menu but i need previous entries entered to show up without the same array area being constantly overwritten. Any help appreciated!


    void example (void);
    int main (void){
     int key;
     printf("press 1 to view example");
    void example (void){
    int i; /*indexer*/
    i=0; /*initialised*/ <---------this presents a problem as dont want
                                               it to initialise evertime i enter data
                                               as array resets. I only want it to
                                               reset if i exit the program

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    static int i=0; ?
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    thanks!!! i owe u

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    >>static int i=0;
    Or just:
    >>static int i;
    as static variables are initialised to 0 by default.
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