Thread: ATMEL's 89S8252 first program

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    ATMEL's 89S8252 first program

    I am trying to send some volts to my databus and i meter them.
    The program is following.

    #include <reg51.h>
    #define XBYTE ((unsigned char volatile xdata*) 0)

    void main(void) {

    while(1) {
    XBYTE[0x8001] = 0xFF; // Arxikopoihsh toy 8255 se mode 0

    I put the while for the data to remain as it loops forever.

    So with this command i am sending to the 8001(A15,A0,A1=1) address the FF comand(DB0->DB7 = 1111 1111)

    So these are the volts i want to have in my outs.

    But i meter values like 0,62 volt, 2.10 volt, 4.10 volt and of;course not in the order i want them.

    Could someone tell me if is something obvious why it is not working??

    I am new so excuse me if i make a serious mistake

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    This site may help. There are example programs and datasheets.

    This site has additional data sheets on the Atmel 89S8252.


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