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    Cusom file copy prog


    I have an assignment where i have to write a custom file copy program for UNIX. We are not allowed to use system() and cannon use the UNIX cp command in any way.

    command line looks like this:
    mycp orig dest

    orig is copied to dest.
    If dest does not exist, it is created. If it does exist, it is overwritten. If dest is a directory, orig is copied into that directory with the same file name, ie. c:\orig -> c:\dest\orig

    Now the problem:
    this code is simplified a lot

    FILE *src, *dst;
    char data[BUFFSIZE];
    src = fopen(argv[1],"rb");
    dst = fopen(argv[2], "wb");
    while(fgets(data,sizeof(data),src) != NULL)
    If dest exists, the file copies fine. But if dest doesn't exist, the file pointer is 0 and I get a segmentation fault when it tries to write to it.

    Also, how do I check if dest is a directory?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Thanks a lot, poccil. I figured out the other problem and got the directory thing working. It now works to perfection.

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