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    printing output from prog

    I am using borland c++4.5 compiler.
    Can anyone tell me how to set up the compiler to use my printer from within my code. Am I right in thinking it is somewhere within the options environment settings?

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    a bit less vague

    Sorry about the previous question.
    I have code in my program that should access my printer:-
    fprintf(prn_ptr,"Hello"); for example.
    The printer has been opened by prn_ptr=fopen("LPT1","wt");
    and I have tried prn_ptr = fopen("PRN","wt"); but I cannot open the printer (fopen is returning an error).
    My printer is connected via USB, I am using Win98SE. What should I be setting up within Borland to make this work?

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    Try changing "LPT1" to the name of the default printer in Windows.

    Been a long time since I used DOS.

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