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    get segmentation fault

    i want to dynamically locate 5 spaces for spa struct inside of client struct, get segmentation fault and core is dumped any help would be appreciated
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int Welcome(int);  
    int client_info (struct client *D, int visit_num);
    int visit_info( struct client *D, int visit_num);
    struct client 
        char l_name[50];
        char f_name[50];
        char bday[15];
        int height;
        int weight;
        int visits;
        struct spa *r;
    struct spa
        char visit_date[15];
        char treat[100];
        double fee;
        char notes[200];
    int main (void)
        int visit_num;
        struct client D[100];
        int i,x;
        for (i=0;i<5;i++)
           D[i].r = (struct spa *) malloc (5 * sizeof (struct spa));
                         /*declare variables*/
    	do			/* loop to contine program */
    	switch (x)
    		case 1: client_info(D, D->visits);
    		case 2: 
    		case 3: 
    		case 4: 
    		default: printf(" Please enter a valid selection\n\n");
    	while(x !=0);
    int Welcome (int value)
     	printf ("Welcome to JP Spa Service's\n\n");
        printf ("Choose an option: \n");
        printf ("(1) Enter New Client: \n");
        printf ("(2) Search database by lastname: \n");
        printf ("(3) Search database by date of birth: \n");
        printf ("(4) Change Client database: \n");
        printf ("(5) Print record of one client: \n");
        printf ("(6) Print record of all clients: \n");
        printf ("(7) Calculate fee of client: \n");
    	printf ("(0)  To EXIT PROGRAM\n");
    	printf ("Please make a selection now: \n");
    	scanf ("%d", &value);
        return value;
    int client_info (struct client *D, int visit_num)
        static int x=0;
        char temp[550];
        int temp1=0;
        printf("\n Enter First Name:\n");
        strncpy (D[x].f_name, temp, 550-strlen(temp));
        printf("\nEnter Last Name:\n");
        strncpy (D[x].l_name, temp, 550-strlen(temp));
        printf("\nEnter Date of Birth: (exmpl :2, Oct, 1981)");
        strncpy (D[x].bday, temp, 550-strlen(temp));
        printf("\nEnter Weight of Client:\n");
        D[x].weight = atoi (gets(temp));
        printf("\nEnter total number of visits:\n");
        D[x].visits = atoi (gets(temp));
        visit_num = D[x].visits;
        visit_info(D, D->visits);
        return visit_num;
    int visit_info( struct client *D, int visit_num)
    int occur=0;
    int count=0;
    printf ( "\nEnter the spa visit date ( example: 3, May, 2002) > " );
    while ( (gets(D[count].r->visit_date ) != '\0') 
    			&& ( count < occur) )
        printf("\nVisit date: %s", (D[count].r)->visit_date  );
        // prompt user for spa visit information
        printf ( "\nEnter the treatment recieved on that date > ");
        gets ((D[count].r)->treat);
        printf ( "\nTreatment: %s", (D[count].r)->treat);
        /*spaptr[count].fee = calculate_fee ( count + 1);*/
        // call the calculate fee function
        printf ( "\nFee: $%3.2f", (D[count].r)->fee );
        printf ( "\nEnter notes for client > " );
        gets ((D[count].r)->notes);
        printf ("\nNotes: %s", (D[count].r)->notes );
        if ( count < occur - 1 )
          // don't prompt the user for the next visit date unless there 		// are more to get
    	 printf ( "\nEnter the spa visit date > " );
        // increment the counter

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    How about narrowing it down for us? When do you get a seg fault? What're you doing when it happens, and/or, what's the last thing you see on the screen?

    Also, don't use gets. It's prone to buffer overflows.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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