Thread: lil problem, i'm an idiot

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    lil problem, i'm an idiot

    ok why does my program not even allow me to enter in a character for the "c" variable?

    heres the code:

    #include <stdio.h>
         int board[30][30] = {{0}, {0}};
         int b_rows, b_cols;
         char gem[27];
         int gem_value[27];
         char c;
         scanf("%d%d", &b_rows, &b_cols);
         printf("Rows = %d Cols = %d\n", b_rows, b_cols);
         printf("Enter a Character: ");
         scanf("%c", &c);
         printf("%c", c);
         return 0;
    here's the output:

    4 5
    Rows = 4 Cols = 5
    Enter a Character:
    its not even allowing me to enter a character in, what simple thing am i missing?

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    Look up flushing the input buffer.
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    Must be reading the newline from your first scanf.

    see if doing the following works.

    printf("Enter a Character: ");
    scanf("%*c%c", &c);
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