Thread: integers in reverse with a function call

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    integers in reverse with a function call


    I really could use some insight if at all possible. I have to write a little program that has a function and takes a number in as an argurement and then returns it in reverse order, without using arrays. So if I enter "1234" at the prompt, I get back "4321".

    Any ideas would be helpful....below is what i have so far and I have been working on this for 6 hours today...pls don't laugh, this is really hard stuff for me.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas...

    #include <stdio.h>

    int reverse(int num)

    /*reverse function here*/

    return num;




    int num;

    printf("Enter a four digit number>");
    scanf("%d", &num);


    printf("num = %d\n", num);

    getchar(); //temporary use for borland
    getchar(); //temporary use for borland

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    First, you need to get the amount of digits in the number. Since it says "Enter a 4 digit number", I guess you can assume it always have 4 digits (in the other cases it will be undefined).

    Second, use a for loop and the modulus operator. N mod 10 (N % 10, expressed in C code) gives the last digit in N. You want to multiply this number with 1000. Then you want to get the second last digit, which you get by doing a truncating division by 10 then using modulus again. Multiply this number with 100 and add it to your last result. Repeat this a total of 4 times.

    By gradually multiplying the result by 10 instead of 1000 (the first time) you can do this algorithm with a variable number of digits, not just 4. See the code below:
    int ReverseDigits(int Number)
       int Result = 0;
       while(Number > 0)
          Result *= 10;
          Result += Number % 10;
          Number /= 10;
       return Result;

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    I have to write a little program...

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    Smile thanks....

    wow, I actually get it! Thank you, all I had to do was perform some arithmatic functions to retun the value overall backwards...You just have to break these things down I guess. Thank you so much for your time and help...I'm going to play with it so I fully understand.

    thanks again...

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