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    Files (reading from)

    Sup guys! I recently started writing to files and was feeling pretty good about thing especially when your program finishes and my little text file pops up with the results from fprintf(). I'm doing fine with that. However I am having problems with reading from the file and I can't really understand the read from part. For instance if I have two words on a line like a firstname and a surname
    John Doe

    how do I read the John alone and then the Doe after? If anyone of you can just give me a hint on this I would really appreciate it. Thanks alot guys

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    Use this example, if you use fprintf, you will need to fscanf them.
    FILE *filePtr;
    int blah = 1, temp;
    char blah2[30] = {"Butt"}, temp2[30];
    float blah3 = 5.5, temp3;
    //you would open the file at some point here. filePtr = fopen(...)
    fprintf(filePtr, "%d%s%f", blah, blah2, blah3);
    fscanf(filePtr, "%d%s%f", &temp, temp2, &temp3);
    printf("%d %s %f", temp, temp2, temp3);
    //and dont forget to close the file
    --edit---had a little typo.
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