Thread: Socket Project (getting one of multiple clients IP)

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    Socket Project (getting one of multiple clients IP)

    I am making a project for my computer science class. I need to create a multiuser chat program where a user on logon will recieve a request form the server asking for a user name. The server will get the clients username and its IP address. I am stuck on how to get that person's IP address when he begins to enter his message. I know of the inet_ntoa() function but I am not sure how to specify the correct user. The end result upon all the clients screens will be something of the sort:
    "wake nate05: what about you?
    Rav8Warriors5enS: chillin
    Rav8Warriors5enS: bout to do some weightliftin and then study
    wake nate05: cool"

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Well I don't know how to do threads, secondly can you not get the IP where activity is taking place?

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    Ahh that works nicely and thanks for that example on threads. Now I just have to get it to work on good ol Windows .

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